Do you believe in magic?

Cassandra 'Cassie' Amelia Blake

17. | Witch.| Single.|

"What good is magic, if we can't protect the people we love?"

Evening, Mystic 


Great job Cassie you jinxed it.

Apparently. You showed up.

It’s nice to see you all snarky again, Faye. How’s the solo power been treating you?

Evening, Mystic 

Anyone up to the task of keeping me from crashing on the couch and not moving for the rest of the night?

Things seem to have calmed down around town, apart from all the newcomers, I better enjoy it while I can.

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lightoflux replied to your post: There’s a sudden, never ending stream of newcomers.
I’m starting to wonder if the town put an Ad on Craig’s list.

With the caption “Adventurous, flexible and mentally insane? Come visit us in Chance Harbor, where people really aren’t surprised by anything anymore.”

So what brings you to Chance Harbor? I’m Cassie, former resident newcomer.

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There’s a sudden, never ending stream of newcomers. 

Chance Harbor should acquire a welcome comittee. And a goodbye commitee while they’re at it, because it can’t be long before people realize what a crazy town they’ve stepped in to.

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#private to the circle: Guys.. I think we need to have a talk